Unravelling Therapeutic Frontiers

In-Vitro Models Paving the Way at Dabur Research Foundation

Dabur Research Foundation (DRF), a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO), has established itself as a key player in the realm of in-vitro pharmacology services. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on advancing drug discovery and development, DRF's in-vitro pharmacology services play a pivotal role in supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their pursuit of novel therapeutics. Here's an overview of the in-vitro pharmacology services offered by Dabur Research Foundation:

Cell-Based Assays: Utilizing a diverse array of cell lines and primary cells, DRF's in-vitro pharmacology services include cell-based assays that provide insights into compound activity, toxicity, and mechanism of action. These assays are essential for profiling drug candidates and understanding their impact on specific cellular pathways.

Elucidation of Mechanistic pathways : Complete mapping of signalling cascade of target agents in cellular systems is performed using sophisticated technology such as multiplexing. Complete array of mechanistic markers is evaluated which provides a deep insight into mode of action of various agents in multiple therapeutic areas, at cellular and molecular level. These areas include oncology, immunity, inflammation, dermatology, Dermapathology, metabolic disorders etc.

Cytotoxicity and Viability Assays: Comprehensive cytotoxicity and viability assays are conducted to evaluate the safety profile of drug candidates. These assays provide crucial data for determining the therapeutic window and potential side effects of compounds. Synergistic effects with other potential candidates are also determined. Biomarker Discovery With a focus on personalized medicine and wellness, DRF conducts biomarker discovery studies to identify and validate biomarkers associated with specific diseases or drug responses. This aids in patient stratification and the development of targeted therapies.

Molecular biology: DRF owns a repertoire of molecular techniques that aid and supplement towards drug development. This includes gene expression studies, protein expression studies etc.

Enzyme Assays: In-vitro enzyme assays are employed to evaluate the effects of compounds on specific enzymatic activities. DRF's expertise in enzymology enables precise measurements, aiding in the identification of potential inhibitors or activators for drug development.

Customized Assay Development: Recognizing the uniqueness of each drug development project, DRF offers customized assay development services. This ensures that the in-vitro pharmacology assays align with the specific goals and requirements of the client. Consultancy and Collaborative Research: DRF's team of experienced scientists provides consultancy services and actively engages in collaborative research projects. This collaborative approach fosters innovation and facilitates the translation of research findings into tangible therapeutic solutions.

In conclusion, Dabur Research Foundation's in-vitro pharmacology services stand as a cornerstone in the drug discovery and development process. Through cutting-edge technologies, a diverse range of assays, and a commitment to scientific excellence, DRF continues to contribute significantly to advancing pharmaceutical research and bringing novel therapeutics to the forefront of medical innovation.